On The Cover - boylife

by Jesse Martinez

On The Cover - boylife

New Music Monday 5/4


“I’m a star, Iggy Pop. I’m a spangled fucking Banner” is an ambitious statement for an artist with only two releases to date, but LA’s boylife is living up to the hype.

It quickly becomes clear just how gifted boylife is as a songwriter and musician on his emotionally-charged debut “Peas”. Bearing his soul on the track, he asks “What do you keep from me in your silence?”. The stillness that follows is a moment to prepare listeners for the explosive peak the track’s building percussion and reverb drenched guitars reach.

“I’m a star, Iggy Pop. I’m a spangled fucking Banner”

His second and most latest release “bummy!” introduces us to a different side of boylife. Using a grand orchestra sample for an entrance, the tracks morphs into a menacing beat that spotlights boylife’s defined cadence and lyrical ability.

It’s a great start for the singer-songwriter and it seems the best has yet to come.