♦  How do I RSVP or get tickets?

Go to the event page (by clicking on the flyer of the show on the homepage or on the 'Shows' page). Depending on whether it is one of the events in our free series or a ticketed show you will see the RSVP or the Tickets button at the top. Click it - and it will take you to the RSVP/ticketing system for this event. We partner with DICE for most of our events - you will need to get the free app the first time you use it; it is very easy to RSVP for other future School Night shows once you have it :)  For the minority of our shows that aren’t on DICE - the 'RSVP'/'Ticket' link will take you to the right place. 

If you are experiencing an issue that makes you unable to RSVP - please reach out to us with the description of what is >> not working << (▼ェ▼)


♦  How do I play School Night?

You can find booking info on our contact page. The ears & the brains behind the music curatorship will take good care at reviewing the provided material. We do not send any generic responses to the submissions, so it is possible that you will not hear from us at all or for a very, very long time. Please be sure: we keep records of the talent we like which does not necessarily directly translate into submission replies, and we often keep an eye on the developing talent till there is the right time in their artistic evolution for a School Night show to be a good fit. If you have submitted all the useful bits along with the music - you do not need to follow up or do anything else. If you did not hear from us yet but have some new music you want to submit additionally - go ahead and make a new submission! And please do not be discouraged if you haven’t received any replies after one, two or several submissions: we have had several experiences of a new music of an artist we’ve known about for years suddenly clicking just right for a School Night show.


♦  What time are doors?

It depends on the show. The usual time we open the doors on Monday at Bardot is 7:00pm, but even that varies with different events. The doors time for other shows is different for each single show and date. Please go to the specific event page and check the Set Times in the event info.


♦  Can I take photographs during the events?

Fans attending School Night at Bardot are okay to take pictures with their smartphones. If you are considering doing a professional or a semi-professional photo or video shoot (using a dedicated photo or video camera) - please reach out to us at least one full week prior so that we can confirm that no “no photo/video” agreements are in place for this particular date and that all other circumstances would allow it. In any scenario, please be respectful to the Artists, DJs and to other attendees, and considerate of their experience: it might be an important performance to capture for the annals of history, but it is no less important for the people behind you to be able to experience it in the most uncompromised way possible.  

For all the other events - refer to the policies of the respective venue.

Please do share the pictures with us, and tag @itsaschoolnight on socials if you post it - we love seeing it through different lenses and saving the precious moments that they captured.

One more tip: we have one or more in-house photographers for most of our events, and the bands occasionally bring their own photographers/videographers as well. If the event in question is a big hype - the competition for the best-angle-front-of-the-stage-spot can get tough.


♦  Are the events always free?

The regular weekly School Night at Bardot (Hollywood) costs $10. 

The monthly School Night at Drake Underground (Toronto) is free with RSVP before 10pm and $10 after | $10 without rsvp

We also host various other events, some of which are free, some are ticketed, and some - invitation only. For this information please check the specific event page in question.


♦  What is the age policy?

It depends on each venue. Bardot (Hollywood) and Mercury Lounge (NYC) are strictly 21+ for our events. Drake Underground (Toronto) is 19+. For other venues - please check on the specific event page.


♦  How do I stay up to date on everything School Night?

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♦  Is there any connection to KCRW?

School Night is NOT a KCRW event. The only connection is through the human link of the music curator & one of the two School Night founders Chris Douridas who is also a radio host/DJ at KCRW. It is only due to this human link that you might have heard about one in relation to the other. School Night is NOT a KCRW event (yes, we said it twice).


♦  Do you do School Night in different cities?

Yes we do! We are currently in Los Angeles, New York City & Toronto. We have done the series in Brooklyn (NY) & in Anaheim (Orange County), and events in Austin (TX), Palm Springs (CA) & Stockholm (Sweden) in the past. There is a lot in the works, check back once in a while to find out about the new events, series and cities.


♦  Do you do weddings / birthdays / baby showers / funerals?

We have a dedicated team of jugglers just for that task! 🙆  No. We cannot come to your party (sorry), but you are welcome to bring your friends & family to the show (check the age policy first) to celebrate the occasion. And hey, thanks for considering! You make us feel very special <3


Have a question not answered in this FAQ? Write us at info@itsaschoolnight.com